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Kate (aka kwippy, Happy_Kwipy, Kwippy_Toes)

Kate, aka Kwippy is a petite Chinese model from California USA. The tiny babe is lucky enough to have a husband who takes her photos. She simply shines in each photo she takes, and shows off her slim petite frame, and her eyes, which she admits is her favorite feature, mesmerize. She likes to travel and loves to shoot in her swimsuits, lingerie and in the nude. In one of her Instagram page bios she says “I like to run around naked sometimes 🤪”. Kate has a seductive smile and she knows how to work her angles. You can’t help but to also notice her cute little booty and which she shows off with no problem.

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Q & A

What is your background, and where are you from?
Chinese American from America

How would you describe your childhood?
Carefree! Fun! Had a lot of friends

What is one advice you wish you knew when you were younger?
Don’t stress about stupid school drama cause they won’t matter when your older

What are your hobbies?
Hiking, reading

What’s one talent most people don’t know you have?
I was really good at rock climbing and even won some competitions when I was younger

What would you say is your most standout physical feature?
I have biggish eyes

What do you like the most about yourself?
My eyes

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What do you dislike the most about yourself?
My smile, I have a crooked smile

Are you a Netflix kind of person? If so what are you currently watching?
I like all things anime

Favorite place you’ve traveled to so far:
London, Munich

When was your first kiss?
Sophomore year in high school

Who is your secret crush?
Jeremy sass

Describe your perfect guy…or gal:
No such thing

Worst pickup line you’ve ever heard:
I like you send nudes

Share your best relationship advice:
You can never change a guy

Your guilty pleasure(s):

Who motivates and inspires you?
My mom

Tell us, what is your Zodiac sign, and does your personality match your sign?
I’m a Pisces and kinda

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Describe your life right now in 3 words:
Crazy, fun, unstable

What will absolutely cheer you up without fail?
My husband’s jokes


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