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Jade Nguyen Tom, aka chinandvietdoll – Ambitious Sexy Asian Italian Babe

Jade Nguyen Tom is one multi-faceted woman. She held a prestigious positions at her school, being part of various the student associations. The lovely 5ft. 4in model and student is of Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean decent, and has great taste in vehicles, listing Jaguar, Porsche in the mix. She has beautiful full lips, and bold eyes that are simply captivating. There is much to say about this beautiful Asian babe, and she was gracious enough to share a little about herself here. Check out her insightful Q & A below, and I bet she may very well become one of your favorite women to follow online.



  • Location: Stockton, California, USA
  • Age: 22 (at the time of this post)
  • Date of Birth: February 24th 1998
  • Ethnicity / Ethnic Mix: Chinese and Vietnamese
  • Occupation: Recent Graduate
  • Height: 5ft 4in
  • Weight: 103lbs
  • Bust: 31A
  • Hips: 31
  • Waist: 24
  • Tattoos (how many and where): None
  • Piercings (how many and where): Ears
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown

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What is your background, and where are you from?
I come from a normal suburban home in Stockton, California. I have lived in the city all of my life and I am planning to relocate to somewhere new and exciting. I recently graduated from the University of the Pacific with a degree in both Marketing and Management & Human Resources. I was a double major in college while balancing my social life. My social life involved being President, VP of Marketing, and VP of Recruitment for the Management & Human Resources Student Association (MHRSA) and a Literacy Specialist for a Community Involvement group.

How would you describe your childhood?
I would describe my childhood as challenging. Not challenging as it was a tough experience. I grew up with parents who provided me with everything I needed in life. They taught me about putting myself first and setting a high bar. Meaning setting high standards for myself when it comes to dating, friends, needs, wants, etc. But sometimes my parents challenged me in ways where I was able to learn about myself and explore new paths on my own. I thank them for shaping me for who I am today.

What is one advice you wish you knew when you were younger?
One advice I wish I knew when I was younger would be to live life to the fullest. Do not take any moment for granted because once those days are gone, you can never get them back. I wish I could have done some things and enjoy them when I was younger.

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What are your hobbies?
My hobbies include modeling, dancing, acting, drawing, songwriting, and content creating. These hobbies always allowed me to take my mind off things, focus more on myself, and perfect my talents.

When did you start modeling?
I started modeling in August 2017. This was actually a month after I joined instagram with the username of @chinandvietdoll . My first work was with Teen Hearts Clothing where they wanted me to model their clothings and accessories. After, I got more calls from PUSH Agency, Femme Fetale Media, and so much more. Now I’m a contestant to be on the cover of Maxim Magazine and this is my 3rd time. My modeling career has taken me thus far in life.

Who is your favorite photographer to work with?
I really don’t have a favorite photographer. I work with different people but the loyal person who has always taken my photos is my sister. She’s always been a true supporter and sometimes I do annoy her with the excessive asking and begging for her to take my photos. But overall, she’s a great photographer and my number one supporter.

Who would you love to work with, photographer or co-model?
I would love to be a Victoria’s Secret model. That has always been my dream of mine. I am their height when I wear heels but without the heels I am a little short. They are all really beautiful and I would love to be one of the angels one day. My dream would definitely come true if I get the call from them one day.

What would you say is your most standout physical feature?
Most people say my lips, smile and eyes are the things that stand out about me. But I would say it would definitely be my smile. Many people compliment me about my smile and compare it to shining stars. And I also absolutely love my smile as well.

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What do you like the most about yourself?
What I love the most about myself is that I am ambitious and I go for things that I truly want. I never let anyone or anything stop me from getting what I want.

What do you dislike the most about yourself?
What I dislike about myself is that I am an over-thinker. I overthink everything which sometimes keeps me up at night and makes it hard for me to make a decision. This leads me to be very indecisive.

Are you a Netflix kind of person? If so, what are you currently watching?
I am not really a Netflix person. I watch everything as they air on TV. But what I am currently watching is Arrow. I love shows with a lot of action and thrillers.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to so far?
My favorite place I traveled to so far would have to be Disneyland. The place is so magical and I can be up 24/7 just roaming around the magical place. I feel like I can be and do anything while I’m in the park.

When was your first kiss?
To be honest, I have never had my first kiss ever. I am still waiting for Mr. Charming to come around one day. I’ve actually been single for 22 years (basically my whole life)!

Who is your secret crush?
My secret crush which isn’t so secret would be a Hong Kong actor. His name is Andy Lau. I have always had a crush on him ever since I was young and even to this day. So I’ve been having this for a very long time.

Describe your perfect guy…or gal.
A perfect guy would be someone who is handsome and stable. He needs to be funny, sweet, caring, VERY attentive, and I need to be able to enjoy spending time with him. Throw in a little intelligence and I would have my perfect guy.

Worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?
I hardly get pickup lines because most guys are really intimidated to come and talk to me, so most of them just stare from afar. But I would say the worst pickup line I’ve gotten was when someone tells me that they know me from somewhere and that I look familiar when clearly they never met before.

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Share your best relationship advice.
My best relationship advice would be to be honest with your partner and express how you feel about things that hurt you and make you happy without attacking. If your partner doesn’t seem to take what you say into consideration about things you express, it’s time to move on.

Your guilty pleasure(s).
My guilty pleasure is whip cream and cheesecake. I love creamy and buttery things.

Who motivates and inspires you?
What motivates me is myself. I am my own challenger and motivator. I push myself to keep going and to go for things that people think are impossible to do. I inspire myself into thinking that I deserve more and that’s what really motivates me.

Tell us, what is your Zodiac sign, and does your personality match your sign?
My zodiac sign is a Pisces. The sign matches with my personality because I am very emotional and creative. I get emotional over the slightest things and my mindset is very creative when it comes to coming up with plans and creating things.

Describe your life right now in 3 words.
My life in 3 words is curious, unpredictable, and spontaneous.

What will absolutely cheer you up without fail?
What will absolutely cheer me up without failing would be if someone tries to make me laugh. There are so many ways to make me laugh so there would be so many possibilities to cheer me up.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Your turn-ons: Sense of humor, intelligence, and attentiveness
  • Your turn-offs: Liars, cheaters, and wondering eyes
  • Favorite food(s): Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Favorite music / musical artist: Mainly pop and songs from the 80s
  • Favorite movie(s): Almost every Disney movie, especially Toy Story 4
  • Favorite book(s): I don’t read much but “Ties That Bind and Ties That Break” is my favorite book.
  • Favorite color(s): Black, pink, yellow, and teal
  • Favorite car(s): Lamborghini, Jaguar, Porsche, and Mercedes
  • Favorite actor(s): Andy Lau, Louis Koo, and Ryan Seacrest

Any last words?

I’ve been single for 22 years and I’m lit



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